About Us

Playful Pastimes was an idea born out of the love of puzzling and photography. The colorful images in this collection make for puzzles that are just as enjoyable to look at as they are to complete. Growing up, puzzling was a favorite pastime so when I found extra time on my hands during the COVID-19 pandemic, out came the puzzles.  

This project began with my passion for good quality jigsaw puzzles with colorful designs so I began the search for images in my own photography collection, and eventually, that of other photographers and artists to find the perfect composition for a good puzzle. I designed the packaging so the puzzle image is on both front and back of the box so more than one person can reference the image while working together. The box is slightly smaller making it more economical to ship while sturdy enough to stand on its own so you're not searching for something to prop it on. The pieces are thick and interlock securely so you can to move sections of the puzzle during assembly and the puzzle passes the 'pickup challenge'. 

There is such satisfaction that is derived from working a puzzle. Adults, teens and kids irrespective of ages and genders love doing them and they have the added benefit of providing great exercise for the brain and since charity has always been important to me, I decided to align this venture with charitable giving for mental health and brain research. Learn more about our charitable giving.    

Puzzles provide a means to slow down and live in the present. 

Patty Davidson
Founder and Lead Inspiration