Our Story

Hello from the Founder and Chief Puzzler,

I founded Playful Pastimes because I love puzzles and wanted more beautiful puzzles full of color in the world. I have always loved ‘working a puzzle’ as we used to say growing up. With five sisters, there was always someone available to join in, so puzzling, for me, is a very social endeavor. As a parent and now grandparent, jigsaw puzzles have always been a part of our weekend recreation. 

As a designer, I am always looking for an image that brings a smile to my face which usually translates into something I would hang on the wall when finished. I love puzzles exploding in color that have an artistic blend of whimsical and fun. The colorful images in my collection make for puzzles that are just as enjoyable to look at as they are to complete. 

one handed pickup

And when it comes to quality, Ravensburger has always been a favorite brand so everything I did from packaging to the quality of the pieces had to stand up to the Ravensburger gold standard. My pieces are 2.34mm thick and interlock securely so you can move sections of the puzzle during assembly and the puzzle passes the 'pickup challenge' one handed. 


There is such satisfaction that is derived from working a puzzle, my hope is to create beautiful puzzles that satisfy other avid puzzlers and lure newbies into a new pastime that keeps your mind fresh and relieves stress. Puzzling has the added benefit of providing great exercise for the brain and since charity has always been important to me, I decided to align this venture with charitable giving for mental health and brain research. Learn more about our charitable giving

Happy Puzzling, 

Patty Davidson
Founder and Lead Inspiration