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Large Natural Linen Sorting Trays (2 trays/package)

Large Natural Linen Sorting Trays (2 trays/package)

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Puzzle Sorting Trays (2 trays/package) allow puzzlers to organize pieces by color, theme or border while assembling a puzzle. Trays stack nicely on top of each other for neat space-saving storage. This large tray measures twice the size of other sorting trays on the market so you can spread the pieces out instead of piling them on top of one another.

  • Trays are made with natural linen
  • Puzzle piece colors and shapes stand out against the white lined background
  • Tray measures 14.75" x 8.25" x 1"
  • Twice the size of other trays on the market - (most measure 7"x 5" or 8"x 8")

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