Challenge Yourself & Have Fun!

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Challenge Yourself & Have Fun!

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@playfulpastimespuzzles are now in my top favorite puzzles! I'm nearly finished with this 1000 piecer! I started it yesterday and haven't been able to pull myself away. Excellent quality. Top notch guys! Check out their other puzzles.

First time I did a puzzle from Playful Pastimes and this puzzle is everything a puzzle should be! You love Ravensburger puzzle? You'll love this one! Great quality, great fit, great artwork. I would like to make a bigger review but everything in this puzzle is perfect, so I’ll just put a huge 10/10 on this puzzle and highly recommend it!!

Jenna and I loved everything about this adorable, well made, colorful 1000-piece puzzle, “Out for a Ride” from Playful Pastimes, a new company out of Canada. I am so impressed with everything this company stands for which only made this puzzling experience even better! The image is whimsical, warm, vibrant and fun. The patterns were relaxing, and the pieces locked together perfectly. Overall, everything about this puzzle makes me happy!

Time for all the thoughts about my first Playful Pastimes puzzle. As I mentioned, this is a brand-new company. There is a clear level of thoughtfulness with the images. They are clear, crisp, and colorful. Some sections are more challenging than others, which really kept me engaged. The image is incredibly high quality.

Completed!! Wow I truly enjoyed this beautiful 1000pc from Playful Pastimes! It was certainly more challenging than I expected. Love the bright colours. Piece quality was great and the fit together perfect.

Groovy Bicycle is adorable and bright. The pieces are sturdy and lock nicely together with that soft click feel. The pieces feel great and have a nice matte finish to them. Standard cardboard backing. This puzzle was really fun. There is a lot of color separation. I never felt stuck as there was enough piece shape variation too. The ground with the weeds was the trickiest part, but it didn’t take me very long. I really enjoyed doing the wheels. That was my favorite.

We did the Greek Alley over the holidays- it’s more challenging than it looks at first glance and we loved every minute! It gave us lots of time to sit together as a family and just “be”.

"Bought the Parrot puzzle for my 94 year old Mother and she is thrilled with the quality of the pieces, nice and thick and fit together very nicely. "

"My puzzle is beautiful and went from ordering to receiving it in less than 2 days!  As a matter of fact, it was delivered about an hour ago."