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I really enjoyed this one. It was my first Playful Pastimes puzzle and I loved the quality. They have many beautiful designs… looking forward to doing another puzzle by Playful Pastimes soon, next time in 1000 pieces. The box is amazing … it is so sturdy and firm, and the size is just perfect. From the moment I was opening the puzzle I knew it was great quality. @susipuzzles

Recently completed my first ever @playfulpastimespuzzles What a treat this one was to put together! Fun design, bright colors & nice thick pieces that snap together like a dream. Will definitely be trying some others from this company. What a quality product. 

Market Day - 1000 pieces - Playful Pastimes A puzzle from @playfulpastimespuzzles is always a great experience and this one is no exception! The colors are bright, the artwork is full of details. The puzzle is printed on a thick cardboard and I haven't found any damaged or broken or peeled pieces in this puzzle. The fit it amazing and very tight so I cant wait to do a pickup challenge with this one

Un casse-tête de @playfulpastimespuzzles est toujours une expérience agréable et celui ci ne fait pas exception. Les couleurs sont vives et l'image contient plein de petits détails. Le casse-tête est imprimé sur un carton épais et je n'ai trouvé aucune pièces brisées dans la boite. Les pièces s'emboîtent très bien ensemble et se tiennent ensemble de façon très solide donc j'ai vraiment hâte de faire un pickup challenge avec ce casse-tête @puzzle_canopy

The box is really nice and has information about the company on the back. The pieces are ribbon cut with varying shapes and the pieces are really nice and thick! There was also a large poster included, but I didn't use it as the image on the front of the box was enough for me. The matte pieces had very limited puzzle dust and went together easily with a great hold. There were a few false fits, but I believe that was due to the image having patches of the same color in a few places rather than piece shape. @PlayfulPastimesPuzzles also gives back! They make quarterly donations to brain research and youth mental health organizations as well as donating puzzles to seniors and meals on wheels to be delivered to those that wouldn't be able to go out and get puzzles on their own. Talk about supporting a great cause! @sarahdoespuzzles

Wow. That’s really the most fitting response I have to this puzzle. I won this puzzle in a giveaway and I’m so glad I did! I am 100% ordering from this company.🧩The pieces are THICK!🧩The box is sturdy and thick🧩The included poster is top quality🧩Very limited puzzle dust🧩No false fits and ridiculous tight fit. I cannot say enough good things about this puzzle. @jacdspuzzledlife

This is a good & challenging puzzle. It does not have the letters on the back. This was fun to assemble because it is colorful & I like the artwork. There was not much puzzle dust, the pieces are a good thickness, click together well & are not shiny. You know a piece belongs in a spot. I had no missing or extra pieces. It comes with a small poster. I had fun with this one.